I make Art, both good and bad. Cinephile. Pop-culture enthusiast. Photography. Currently in Chicago. www.crystalsgonzalez.smugmug.com

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    Good Morning Los Angeles (at Silver Lake, Los Angeles)

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    Get ready to play. Check out exclusive #OuijaMovie art from Sam Cannon. Get tickets now!

  • I don’t usually pray but right now I’m reaching out to Mother Nature and Samuel Hahnemann. Chamomile tea, mint leaves, sage leaves, honey, and lemon slice. #healing #natural #homeopath 😷🍯🍋🌿🍃

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    Berries - As Requested!

    Vegan Chocolate Cups with Whipped Cream & Berries!

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  • A work in progress. 14”×17” Bristol Paper. Permanent markers and archival ink pens. #sharpie #micronpigma #3D 🔵✒🔴 #estiloygracia

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    Amy Dunne

    Nick Dunne.

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    Photo credit by Devon Watson @outoftheordinaryyy 

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